“Colorado PTAC is proud of the success we’ve helped Colorado companies enjoy.  We are going to start highlighting successful clients as we can put together their story.  Congratulations to Beckrich Construction.  They have been a client of PTAC for several years and we enjoyed watching them grow.”

– Dennis Casey, Executive Director, Colorado PTAC


Tell us a little about Beckrich Construction, how you got started, your growth and your team.  Be sure to mention any small business certifications you have secured.
Beckrich is a WOSB, 8a, DBE, ESB General Contractor that performs vertical and horizontal construction including remodels, historic renovations and a full range of quality control services.

Beckrich has three divisions; Federal, Commercial and Quality Control Services. In our Federal Division we execute projects for clients such as the Corps of Engineers, GSA, NIST & DOD. Our Commercial Division executes projects for clients such as the Broadmoor Hotel and Goodwill. In our QC Service Division, we provide a wide range of services from audits, & training, to placing fully trained and certified QC Managers on client projects.

Beckrich Construction was created in 2011 when Renee Glendenning & Jeff Richards wanted to leave corporate big business to start a small business where they could invest in their employees and community. Beckrich began with only 2 employees in 2011, struggling as all small businesses do, and now are happy to say we have 12 employees.

Beckrich Construction is grateful to have a staff of extremely talented and experienced employees. Since family is a cornerstone of our construction company, we value our employees as family. Our full–time staff includes Contract Administrators, Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents, Safety Managers, and Quality Control Managers.

When did you first connect with Colorado PTAC and how have they been able to help you in this journey?
Beckrich had been in business for about 2 years when we connected to PTAC. We reached the point where we knew we needed to focus more energy on business development. PTAC has helped us immensely with outreach events, events enabling us to meet face to face with the Small Business Specialists for the local bases, IT security training to insure we were prepared to meet NIST standards, proposal writing classes, and the list goes on. PTAC even volunteered time to be judges at the final presentations for the SBA Emerging Leaders Program where Beckrich was part of the class of 2017. The support of PTAC across the board for local small businesses makes such a positive impact and is greatly appreciated.

What are some of the challenges you have faced in working with the government and how did you overcome them?
While we had decades of experience working for the Federal client locally, when we branched out and started Beckrich it was challenging to gain experience under the Beckrich name for future proposals. We overcame this challenge through partnering with other small businesses. Every Federal client has a little different protocol on paperwork, badging, pay apps and submittals for example, which can be challenging. Any time we gain a new client, understanding the client’s specific standards and needs along with our contract is first and foremost.

What projects have you won with any government (prime or sub) and how did Colorado PTAC contribute to those wins?
Beckrich Construction was able to set up one on one meetings with local base Small Business Specialists thanks to PTAC’s Government to Business Outreach class. Through these meetings we were awarded a base wide window replacement project due to hail damage at Peterson AFB.

What is your favorite government project you won?  Please mention the value of the contract and why you feel the project stands out.
Being a small business, every contract we get awarded is a win and a celebration for us. Every time we get a first project with a new client is a big win for us. We will never forget our first Corps of Engineer Project as Beckrich when we were able to expand and do upgrades to Iron Horse Park, which the Fort Carson community and families use so frequently.

We will also never forget our first IDIQ with Pueblo Chemical Depot. Recently, however, we were extremely excited to be awarded our very first WOSB Project for the Air Force Academy at Arnold Hall. We have been hoping to see our local contracting officers begin to use the WOSB vehicle and truly felt like this contract was a milestone for us. The Sustain/Repair HVAC project at Arnold Hall is $2,108,000. The existing HVAC systems in Arnold Hall have been in operation since the 1960s. This contract will upgrade the HVAC equipment and controls of nine air handling units and reheat coils.

How important was it for you to use other business assistance organizations such as the Small Business Development Center and the Small Business Administration in addition to Colorado PTAC?
The SBA has been a champion for Beckrich since day one and what they offer in support and training to all local small businesses is invaluable. Recently, Beckrich was honored to be a part of the 2017 class of the SBA Emerging Leaders Program. The Emerging Leaders Program consists of over 100 hours of classroom time over seven months where participants are given the opportunity to work with experienced mentors, attend specialized workshops, and develop connections with their peers, city leaders, and the financial community. The Emerging Leaders Program gave knowledge which we now apply in our everyday business. The SBDC has also had many outreach events and summits that have aided Beckrich in staying competitive and gaining knowledge of how to work with different Federal entities. Small Businesses are very lucky to have so many sources for aid and knowledge, all they have to do is grab hold of it and apply it to their business.

What advice do you have for any company, particularly those in your industry that is just starting out in government contracting?
Our advice for companies just starting out in government contracting would be that “Knowledge is Power.” Always read your contracts carefully and be sure you understand all of the requirements before executing them. In today’s day and age, site safety, payroll requirements, NIST security standards you must have in place along with the paperwork and quality control requirements are missed by many General Contractors which cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars – not to mention the non-replaceable losses in reputation. Utilizing small business assistance programs such as PTAC will give new companies the knowledge they need to succeed.

What’s on the horizon for Beckrich Construction? Are there new markets or program you are looking to pursue?
Beckrich looks forward to continuing the relationships/partnerships they have created with local government and commercial clients as well as branching out to new clients locally and in neighboring states. Beckrich has created a self-performing concrete division and looks forward to continuing to grow this service for our clients.

Beckrich is also very excited to announce our new line of Quality Control Products and Training. We have 16 online training modules which will produce completion certificates for professional portfolios. The Training modules cover topics such as Commissioning, Red Zone, As Built Drawings, Submittals, Closeout, & QC 101 for Subcontractors, Admin and Quality Control Managers. We have been training Subcontractors, Designers and General Contractors on these government QC topics over the past several years and are excited to now be able to offer online training modules. We are building a QC community for support and knowledge thru our blog at www.qualitycontrolcollective.com, and our Quality Control Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/271876930013677/.  Visit us today and check out our new Products & Services at www.beckrichconst.com

Please share any further thoughts.
Beckrich Construction is blessed to be a part of the small business community here in Colorado Springs. Our local community means a lot to the ownership and employees of Beckrich. Beckrich finds it important to give back to our community whenever possible and are proud to be a sponsor of our local schools ICAP program helping student to explore careers along with supporting youth programs such as the Academy Little League. Lastly, being a Federal Contractor and having the ability to build for the men and women who risk their lives to protect us along with our freedoms, is an honor and a privilege.

Our Motto quote is “Quality is what remains long after the dust settles, it’s what we build our reputation upon.”


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