While we made the decision to cancel the 2020 SAME Capital Week and DOD & Federal Agency Program Briefings (which was scheduled for March 16-18 in Rockville, Md.) as part of the critical efforts ongoing our country to contain the spread of the coronavirus, we also know that the information provided by the government presenters is crucial to the near-term and long-term strategic planning of the A/E/C industry firms that support our nation and our military’s critical facilities, infrastructure, and resilience needs. The presentations (in PDF format) that the agencies were going to give are now available for download on the Capital Week website. Thank you to all our government presenters for providing their presentations to be shared with the SAME audience. The work that SAME members, partners, and stakeholders do is vital to national security, and building relationships and trust through their interactions in the Society has been a critical part of how they do it for 100 years. Hear from the Department of Defense and other Federal Agency Leaders Learn about the projected upcoming fiscal year engineering, construction and environmental programs from contracting representatives, flag and general officers, and senior executive service leaders from the engineering components of the military services and select federal agencies.

 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

 Naval Facilities Engineering Command

 Air Force Civil Engineer Center

 Department of the Army G-9 (Installations)

 Army & Air Force Exchange Service

 Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations

 National Nuclear Security Administration

 U.S. Customs & Border Protection

 General Services Administration

 Department of Veterans Affairs

 Defense Health Agency

 Department of Commerce

 U.S. Forest Service

 Architect of the Capitol

 National Aeronautics & Space Administration

For the latest updates on our response to COVID-19, go to same.org.

Whitcomb, Selinsky, PC, (WS PC) is a full service law firm serving clients’ diverse legal needs. Our focus is in helping people in their interactions with federal, state and local governments. To help spread information on dealing with Government Entities, they provide tons of wonderful material that can be accessed through their video library! Learn from them by taking advantage of the resources they have graciously provided for you! Check out their main page HERE and their video library is located HERE. You can also find many more resources readily available for you on our USEFUL LINKS page

Come Celebrate Women’s History Month by learning how to grow your own business!!

You’re Invited to
GSA Region 8’s Women Owned Small Business Matchmaking Event 

When: March 31, 2020 from 9 a.m. –  12 p.m.
Where: Denver Federal Center, Building 41, The Lodge Conference Room (first floor)

**Check out our events calendar for more information**


PTAC Day is a national campaign designed to celebrate the contracting success of thousands of small businesses who have benefited from training and technical assistance delivered by their local PTACs. The first annual PTAC Day will take place on Wednesday, September 26, 2018!
National PTAC Day will unite the ninety-five Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) in all 50 states (plus Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands) and the 48,000 clients they serve by sharing, in real time, small business success stories and the significant economic impact that PTAC clients have created within their communities. This special day will be celebrated with social media campaigns, public relations initiatives, online and in-person events and more.


Please stay tuned for information on how Colorado PTAC Offices will be celebrating!


For questions on PTAC Day please contact headquarters@aptac-us.org or visit http://www.aptac-us.org/PTACDay.


Follow the hashtag #PTACDay on social media!

Proudly presented in collaboration with the Space Foundation

Are you an entrepreneur developing a technology that is solving a real world problem? Have you ever thought about how that technology might be able to also address similar challenges for NASA? Don’t miss this opportunity to pitch your technology at the NASA iTech Ignite the Night in your city.  Apply now and you may just qualify as one of the Top 15 Ignite the Night – Denver presenters.

Focus areas include:
  • Big Data & Data Mining
  • Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Robotic Capabilities
  • Revolutionary Concepts for Communications
  • Medical Breakthroughs
  • X-Factor Innovations
One top presenter from each Ignite the Night event will be selected, earning a position as one of the Top 25 Semifinalists for the current cycle where their technology will be evaluated and has a chance to be selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists to present at the next NASA iTech Forum.

Submit an Idea
Application Deadline: August 10, 2018

 Wings Over the Rockies 7711 East Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230
When: Monday, August 20, 2018 | 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM MDT
Cost: Free


Question: Now that I am registered in SAM, is my company going to be included in any marketing lists?

Anaswer: Colorado PTAC Counselor Bob Brown says,

“The information you enter into SAM is used for official government purposes only. Government contracting officials use SAM to conduct market research. SAM information, like phone numbers and email addresses, are available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

In Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), users have the option of being included in D&B’s marketing campaign. If you choose not to be included in this marketing list, please request that D&B remove you from their marketing file by calling 866-705-5711. D&B does not publish email addresses.

If you are a small business and part of SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS), your business contact information, including email addresses, may be available. You can request to have your email address removed by sending an email to DSBShelpdesk@basetech.com.”

Please note the following changes:

Effective Immediately: Entities that ONLY apply for federal assistance (grants, loans, etc.) no longer need to have an approved notarized letter on file before their registration is activated. They must still mail the original signed copy of the notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk (FSD) within 30 days of activation. Failure to do so may result in the registration no longer being active.

Effective June 29, 2018: All non-federal entities creating or renewing their SAM registration will no longer need to have a notarized letter on file before their registration is activated. They must still mail the original signed copy of the notarized letter to the FSD within 30 days of activation or risk their registration no longer being active.

Also effective June 29, 2018: A new, multi-factor authentication login will be implemented, as well as a process by which Entity Administrators will be notified when a change is made to their entity’s bank account information. As a result, beginning June 29th, there will be a new login process for SAM.

Users will be asked to create a Login.gov user account. Their current SAM.gov username and password will no longer work.

Before June 29th: All users should be sure to know the email address associated with their current SAM account. Using the same email will allow SAM.gov to automatically migrate roles. If a different email is provided when the new login account is created, roles will need to be reassigned, which could cause delays updating existing registrations. If you don’t know your current email address, you can find it by going to www.SAM.gov → My SAM → My Account Settings → Edit User Information.

To create a Login.gov user account, you will need to know the email address associated with your SAM.gov username and password, have access to that email to receive a confirmation email from Login.gov, and have a working phone (cell or landline) to receive a security code from Login.gov.


For full information, see GSA’s SAM Update page.  https://www.gsa.gov/about-us/organization/federal-acquisition-service/office-of-systems-management/integrated-award-environment-iae/sam-update