About Us

The purpose of the Colorado PTAC is to provide consultation services to companies who aspire to enter or expand their business to government agencies.   The Colorado PTAC links agency acquisition needs to interested and able companies and guides these emerging companies throughout the entire acquisition process.

Our organization is a conduit to connect people serving a common purpose.

The outcomes of our success include small business growth, expanded supplier bases, community and industry connections, and a demonstrable positive economic impact.

The Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAP) was authorized by Congress in 1985 in an effort to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in the Government Marketplace. Administered by the Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA),* the program provides matching funds through cooperative agreements with state and local governments and non-profit organizations for the establishment of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs) to provide procurement assistance.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs)  in different states and areas form a nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals working to help local businesses compete successfully in the government marketplace.   While each individual PTAC generally provides similar services and programs, there is considerable variation in how each PTAC executes it’s program regionally.

The Colorado PTAC, established in 2009, is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation funded by DoD, State and local funds and in-kind support. The PTAC partners with government agencies, universities, economic development organizations, s and other business programs/institutions to deliver our services statewide.

The Colorado PTAC is staffed with highly experienced government contracting experts and provide a wide range of services.  The foundation of our support is our one-on-one counseling/mentoring, which we supplement through robust training, networking and educational events.

Jonathan Veteto; Executive Director


Character, Quality, Relationships, Communication, and Consideration

Character – A mix of traits that include integrity, moral judgement, wisdom, and experience.

Quality – Service, attention, and advice that is reliable, accurate, timely, and effective.  Providing in-depth, and relevant, knowledge and experience with attention to detail.

Relationships – Making personal and business relationships important.  Investing the necessary time and attention to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Communication – Clear, concise, and honest communication.

Consideration – An ability to consider various viewpoints and work toward common goals.

Vision: The Colorado PTAC is a recognized, effective, and accessible resource for businesses and government agencies

Mission: Help businesses learn about , connect with, win, and grow government customers, and assist government customers connect with businesses.

The Colorado PTAC is funded in part through a cooperative agreement from the Department of Defense (DoD) through a program that is administered by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The content of any written materials or verbal communication of the PTAC does not necessarily reflect the official views or imply endorsement of DoD or DLA.

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